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Cycle of Adulthood - I sense a lot of people get trapped in this cycle. This site is still finding its direction, but right now I want to help people escape this endless cycle which I believe leads to depression. As Joe Rogan often says, "Most men live lives of quiet desperation."


The trick is to want for less than we have. To not let consumerism consume our time. Find what make you truly happy and focus on achieving that. Focus on spiritual growth over aspirations of wealth. Maintain the body mind and spirit in good health.

Yoga connects the body to the mind.

Meditation connects the mind to the spirit.

Exercise shapes the body.

Mindfulness shapes the mind.

An open mind and shared experiences shape the spirit.

Stop making celebrities famous. Don't mindlessly consume what you don't need or love. Freedom comes from avoiding debt. Zen comes from abstaining worldly possessions and instead seeking the truth. Be conscious of the environment and your carbon footprint. Do not be wasteful. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Buy secondhand and local to support your community.

Don't get seduced by capitalism

Love Conquers All