Humanity is Being Socialized to Death

Like many others, my job involves staring at a screen throughout most of the day. I would say 9 to 5 but that is not accurate. I’m always plugged in. I can be reached by cell phone almost 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Fortunately, I don’t get too many calls after hours, but the thought of it is always in the back of my mind and my cell phone never leaves my side. Our entire society has essentially become like this. Try an experiment. Text 5 of your friends and see how quickly they respond. I’ll bet 4 out of 5 respond within 10 minutes. We are always reachable and it is subconsciously stressing us out. Humanity is being socialized to death. The rise of quiet loneliness.

Between cell phones and email, our work life has found a way to bleed into our personal lives.

Children now are being raised to view this as normal. They will grow up believing that everyone should be doing work at home. They’ll be conditioned to check email first thing in the morning to see what their day brings. Just kidding, they’ll be looking at social media first since they’ll be suffering from dopamine withdraws of sleeping without a hit. <checks notifications> At one point airport security was intrusive, obtuse and overly invasive, but kids who grew up with it don’t know any better. To them it is simply normal. Same as how all of us view it as normal to own a TV, but at one point no one did. Society moves fast and it would seem that as the years go on, technology has a way of moving faster, and faster and faster.

You know what else is moving faster with all this so-called progress? Opiate abuse. Anxiety and depression. The use of SSRIs. Kids are simultaneously told by DARE officers to stay off drugs while being dosed with Ritalin for the made-up disorder of Attention Deficit Disorder. Go ahead and tell me in the comments below that Attention Deficit Disorder is not manufactured by parents who don’t want to be involved and a pharmaceutical industry that is chomping at the bit to condition the next generation of consumers to believe that the answer to all of life’s problems is to take a pill. Never mind that schools have cut outdoor time and physical education. The feminization of our school system may be working fine for girls, or maybe not, but the boys are being left behind. They are meant to spend time running around outside and being active. Yet when a boy is too active for the classroom, society expects there to be a problem with the child and not the environment. And as corporate profit is valued in this country over the welfare of children, medication is thrown at the problem. People believe this to fix the problem, but it only serves to mask it, and possibly leave an impression on a young impressionable mind that drugs are the answer to all of life’s problems. I’m not even blaming the parents for doing this to the kids. While they are at fault in certain situations, the destruction of the nuclear family has led to the rise of the two-income house. The idea that women belong in the work place being sold as female empowerment will forever be the greatest lie ever sold to this nation and potentially its undoing. The result of a two-income home is a culture that values money over the welfare of one’s own kids. With both parties working, who is left to raise the kids?

“Those who leave the tradition of truth do not escape into something we call Freedom. They only escape into Fashion.” – G.K. Chesterton

That is why I love getting outside and enjoying the peace and quiet found in nature. Every weekend I will find an excuse to get outside and reconnect with nature. Some days I have chores to do out there; other days I just want to breathe fresh air and walk around in nature. The most important part of doing this, outside of my own mental health, is to leave a good impression on my children so that they will recognize the importance of staying active and getting some fresh air.  


Civilization moves forward with relentless progress and is doing so at the expense of our base instincts. While it is good that mankind seems to be pursuing higher forms of culture in art, writing and innovation, we forget that our simpler desires are humanity’s truths. We belong outside in natural sunlight breathing in fresh air. Our bodies thrive when we do hard work and stay active. Our minds crave exploration, green scenery and a sense of purpose. Yet the current path pushed on most young men and women is to spend 12 to 16 years stuck inside memorizing books and theorems. While education is important, the amount of time wasted in a manner that is as ineffective as it is boring is stealing hours of daylight from all western civilization. We belong outside and everyone is suffering from the lack of time spent in our natural habitat. It doesn’t take a sociologist to realize that this is one of the biggest reasons for the rise of depression, anxiety and suicides. Then once these kids grow up and finish school, they continue to spend most of their time stuck in some strange building with fluorescent lighting. What choice do they have since they are trapped under the burden of their student loans, taxes and living expenses. Technological innovations that should liberate us always end up enslaving us. The car that promises freedom to travel anyway must be worked for to cover the payments and insurance. We go on to eat processed food since we don’t have the time to cook and both parents often work long hours, despite productivity rising over the last 50 years. And when we do have a few moments to enjoy our family, we will give the same advice to our kids. Pay attention in school, go to college and work for the man. Then if you’re lucky you can retire when your body no longer works due to being inactive and eating unhealthy for decades. Oh, and that pension you were promised was a lie sold to dumb voters so they could elect some slick politician.

I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do recognize more of the problems than your average bear. My kids won’t be told lies as they grow up. In this and the other pieces I write, they will have the tools to understand the world as it truly is and form their own opinions. But I will instill upon them a respect for nature and its benefits on their state of mind and physical health. They will know that materialism left unchecked is slavery to a system that craves unfulfillment and dissatisfaction. They will learn to question everything they are taught and to be self-reliant so they won’t have to be slaves to this system.

It is time for humanity to get back to our natural habitat.