Introspection is the Path to Self-Discovery

A wise man values the benefits of taking time for introspection.

This can be accomplished in a number of different manners. Currently I am writing in this journal. (Which later was typed onto my laptop for standard internet consumption) This provides an interesting perspective when reread later by offering a glimpse into a different period in one’s life. Essentially it is a form of time travel.

A more simple and hands off approach, though perhaps more challenging is to meditate. Normal people (that’s polite for mediocre) like to scoff at the idea. These are the same people who simultaneously will claim to aspire for a fit body and attractive physique while shoveling mass quantities of alcohol and processed food in their mouth at breakneck speed. To witness the wild beast in action, one need only stalk the herds as they graze the buffet lines at the local Golden Corral. Meditation can show you a whole new outlook on life. If only you let it. You simply need drop your ego and open your mind. This is the method for communicating with the Universe, for the Universe is mental.

Keep an open mind and entertain new ideas. The universe is always changing. The world is always changing. You are always changing.

Look through past journal entries and you will see changes. Here you will find evidence of personal growth. These changes can appear to be subtle and insignificant when peered at from day to day, but when you look over a journal entry from 6 months ago, these changes suddenly seem drastic. You may barely even recognize the person you once were. Introspection is the path to self-discovery. Writing down your thoughts is tantamount to have an intimate discussion with yourself. Find yourself a quiet and uncluttered spot to delve into the depths of insanity and see what value comes forth.

You need not be ashamed of your own thoughts. Society likes to conform people into neat little boxes so that we can be more easily managed, but the truth of our nature is we are all a little crazy in our own ways and this is that gives humanity its beauty. Let your freak flag fly and show your authentic self. There is nothing more boring than people playing it safe all the time for fear of judgment of others. When you learn to be honest with your wants and feelings, you achieve a true sense of self and through this, you may finally cultivate a life of purpose.

Life without introspection is a life of slavery. Slavery to our base impulses and shallow desires. Discipline is our liberator in this bondage. By staying consistent to our pursuits, we can be free to be who we want to be. It is the discipline to stay true to our long reaching goals that allows us to actualize our true self and grow as a person. Anyone can act on a whim and say they are free, but are they truly content and fulfilled? Most likely the same people who claim to want to write a book or start a company are not disciplined enough to focus on such long-term aspirations. The world has grown so accessible that the temptation to fulfill short term pleasure is constantly available and easily within grasp. It is simply easier to push the Netflix button on the remote, than to search within and find the wisdom inside that could, over time, develop into a book.

The modern world rewards people who can postpone pleasure and pursue these greater long term aspirations. The choice is yours. You can live with no respect or acknowledgement of your future and one day wonder how you got to this point. Or you can do some soul searching and find your true desires and pursue your goals. Don’t be mediocre. Be awesome!