Thank God Its Friday

Your weekends shape your Mondays yet, most people live their lives as if they are multiple people. For some reason I thought of my first fight, with Tyler. How many people hate Mondays? If the collective groan on social media is any indication, I’m going to say more than half of the US workforce. I hear it constantly online as well as in the real world. There are an unreal amount of dumb catch phrases for this.

Thank God it’s Friday!

Mondays, right?! Or It’s a Monday!

Can’t wait for the weekend!

The sad reality of these catch phrases is that most of these people are living quiet lives of desperation, as Joe Rogan likes to say. This is the siren call of the lazy, the unmotivated, the lost, or the stuck people. These are people afraid to pursue their own passion or trapped by their own materialistic desires. Think about this for a minute. Most of these people love their materialist goods so much that they put up with the dread that they get every Monday when they drag their overweight butt to work. They do this on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday and finally its Friday. This is how the things you own, end up owning you. People slave away for their own materialistic desires. They crave their trips to Disney World, their status symbol clothes and chain restaurants. Yet most of these people are out of shape, unfulfilled and adrift in their life, lacking any real sense of purpose.

The way I see it is there are two realistic options for the average person. One, go out and find a job that you truly enjoy or maybe work on a side gig that can support you one day. At least then you’ll have direction in your life by focusing on something you enjoy.

Two, cut down on the expenses. Materialism is a disease that consumes too many of us. What do people waste money on that brings enjoyment to their life? Everything else is causing unnecessary stress and frustration. Status symbols are for people that are slaves to their friends or worse, strangers. The average used domestic car or truck will do the job for years and not break your bank. Cars are a lot of fun but if you aren’t making big bucks, then this is likely more trouble than its worth. Plus, after the new car smell wears off, the car payments linger. Luxury watches are another item. Personally, I love watches so I have a few, but I appreciate them. I wear them for my enjoyment for their own artform; not for the status symbol they are for many. I found a couple used Omegas for about $200 as opposed to a fancy $3,500 new Omega. This makes me look like less of an ostentatious rich guy and more of a connoisseur.

Personally, I enjoy the lack of stress that comes from a life where a minor emergency expense is not a burden or a crisis. By living below my means and leaving a few extra grand in the bank account, I don’t have to worry every time I go to use my credit card at the grocery store. I always smile when the cashier or person on the phone says my card has been declined. “Indulge me, and try running it again.” I know it is not my card because the credit card companies have given me nearly $10,000 limits on all of my cards. They want me to fall into the debt trap, because the system likes to ensure that its little worker bees will be making honey for the hive for many years to come. They fear individual freedom because it reverses the balance of power.

If you can find a way to either enjoy your work, or at the very least, cut down on the expenses, then you’ll be on the path to true freedom. Save enough money or get a passive income high enough to cover your lifestyle and you’ll have broken your bonds. This will free you from the bondage of Mondays.