Are You On Track for an Awesome 2018?

Well, we are just past the halfway point of 2018, which means it is a good time to check in with our own personal progress on the year. How are your New Years resolutions or goals for 2018 holding up? Making good headway? Great! Struggling to keep up? Well, call a mulligan and start fresh for the second half.

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As for me personally? I had several goals this year and I would say I am on pace for most of them and even ahead of schedule on a couple. Two of my proudest accomplishments that I already accomplished are knocking out the last of my credit card debt from my previous marriage. $8,000 all paid off, and boy does that come with a great sense of relief and mental clarity. The other big one that I expected to take much longer was to drop 12 pounds. I am about 1 pound shy of that currently, but have also been packing on muscle this year. I will definitely be able to drop that last pound and a few more before the year is up. Couple other simpler goals for this year under my belt were to build a fence (I outsourced this) and to start our garden. Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, the garden is looking great and the fence was built months ago. I have to say, when you have a list for your goals, it is fun to look back and see what progress has been made. Sometimes we forget to appreciate what we have done, because we are so fixated on what still needs work.

What goals am I on pace for?

Bike 1,500 miles. I seriously underestimated myself on this one. First off this goal is just for my home exercise bike, and not my real bicycle. But I am just over 1,400 miles as of this morning so I will be crushing this goal this year. This is the first time where I set out to bike nearly every day, so I will be setting a good metric to judge next year’s target from. This has turned into a great morning habit when I am able to wake up before the little ones. When I start my day off with activity, I find my mind is clearer and my mentality is ready for a day of success and accomplishment. I also am striving to average 10,000 steps a day, which I believe I will hit. Though currently I am just over 9,000 steps, I have been much more active in the last couple months. I even set a new personal record for most steps in a day.

Read 24 books: As I stated earlier, we are at the halfway point for the year, so I need to have read at least 12 books to be on pace. I just read finished my 14th book last night, so I should have no trouble finishing this goal by the end of the year. Perhaps my favorite book this year has been Tribe by Sebastian Junger. Though Lost Connections by Johann Hari is a close second. I also had a specific list of books that I wanted to read this year that focused on spirituality and were generally considered sacred texts. The two that I finished so far were The Epic of Gilgamesh, and the Tao Te Ching. The Tao Te Ching was a life changing book and if you’d like to hear why you should read it, click here. The three remaining to read are The Poetic Eddas of Norse Mythology, the Bhagavad Gita of ancient India, and the Vedas.

As for what goals I still have left for the year? Well, a couple are a bit abstract or at least more vague than those above.

Journal 5 times a week: I believe I am probably falling short on this one, but I have been writing in my journal much more as of late. Getting my previous house sold recently freed up a lot of time and also mental energy, so I expect to finish strong on the journaling.

Meditate daily: I simply have not meditated every day. Sometimes I get to caught up in the business of my daily activities that I forget to do this. Like the journaling though, I have found that I have been meditating much more since getting the house sold, and I have to say I notice a profound difference in my mentality. Meditation keeps me calmer and more focused. It also helps figure out what thoughts are bouncing around in my head. Our typical days are constantly filled with such noise, that we forget the importance of listening.

Yoga for the whole year: This was a poorly worded goal honestly. I guess if I do some yoga all year long, that kind of counts as an accomplishment. What really stands out about this goal, is to be more concrete in what you hope to accomplish. Good lesson for next year. As for what I’ve done, I have been doing less yoga lately, but I have kept it up at least once a week, and often more than that.

My last goal is also very abstract but it also the most important one: Own less at the end of the year than at the beginning. This would likely be the most challenging goal for most of us. Am I on pace? Tough to say, but I feel like I am. I have found great purpose in my writing and the maintaining of this website, so that has led me to focus much less on material goods. I can check my bank statements and see that I am spending much less money and seeing significantly less Amazon boxes at my house. I also own one less house than at the beginning of the year which is a blessing. During my move, my original buyers backed out of the deal for no apparent reason and was stuck with two mortgages. I am thrilled that that is behind me now.


As of today, you have 172 days left to knock out your yearly goals! Good luck! Please share in the comments below what you have accomplished so far! I would love to hear from everyone. And if you don’t have any goals, now would be the perfect time to start a list of your own.