You Need a Mantra to Motivate You

You need to find purpose. That is what inspires you. That is where you find motivation. I work harder at the gym now than I have been because I am training for a Spartan Race. I now have much more discipline and determination, because I have found my purpose. At life’s most demanding and challenging moments, what drives you? If you need that extra push, a simple mantra can help get your over the hurdle. If you’re striving for a life of greatness, we all do.

I like to say to myself, “Conquer your life like a Viking!” It may sound silly at first, but when you are striving for a faster time on your mile, this helps to get that extra push when you’re cramping or your legs are turning to jelly. When you’re on that third set at the bench press and you can’t find the strength to lift that final rep, Conquer your life like a Viking! This sounds super cheesy, but it helps me more than you would expect. Also, if you shout this out in public you can really assert your dominance. Try it out and send me the video clips. I’ll retweet them. #VikingLife

You can use whatever phrase works best for you. Although I hear that Thor and Odin favor Viking sayings above all others. But everyone has different interests and passions so there are all sorts of options. Nike uses the phrase “Just Do It” and it is just perfect. The word Nike itself is a Greek phrase meaning “Winged Victory.” And they also had the most amazing mantra on a billboard “Yesterday, you said Tomorrow.” That one has really stuck with me as well. On days where I’m not feeling like getting on the bike, that phrase enters my head and it is so motivating. The Spartan Racers like to shout “Aroo!” which was shouted often in the movie 300 about Leonidas and the Battle of Thermopylae, the great battle for Western Civilization.

Because I am training for a Spartan Race this fall that has been in the back of my mind every day. When I want to grab another plate of dinner or that second, third or whatever beer, I think to myself “Spartan Race” and it helps me fight off these base impulses. The power of having a mantra in your head is magical. Simple words can yield real world results. A mantra is a powerful weapon because every single pound that I can lose will make it that much easier for me to carry myself through all of these obstacles. This goes for normal everyday life as well. If you have twenty extra pounds that you could lose, imagine how much easier your life would be if you could drop the weight. It is like carrying two gallons of milk with you all day long.

Words hold great power and so often we take them for granted. If you ever notice your mood and energy while you are consumed with negative news on the mainstream media, you may begin to wonder how what you consume in your life affects you. You’ll really notice the difference if you stop watching these puppets on TV peddle fear to you and focus on a more positive life that centers on mindfulness, wellness and enjoyment. It is literally day and night. It can even make you feel like a different person. Reborn. Resurrected like the phoenix out of the ashes. “Be the Phoenix!” There’s a free one for you. Keep this in mind when you look at the people you follow on social media. Every day I see people fall into this trap of outrage. It appears to be an addiction for many people to become these keyboard activists. I don’t see very many happy or successful people doing this though. They waste their time resisting or gloating or whatever, but at the end of the day, it’s an addiction. There are better ways to spend your time, and for some people, it appears to be affecting their mental health. If you want a sense of belonging, drop the political nonsense, and join a tribe in your community. Join a karate class where you’ll train together with like-minded people. Check out the classes being offered at your local gym. That way instead of venting frustration and anger online, you can focus on your own self development and connecting with others in your local community. This is how smart and motivated people manage their time. By channeling their energy in the most constructive manner possible.

But all of this means nothing without action. If you want to see results, these words must come from the heart. This phrase must stir up all the adrenaline and fervor in your soul. These words should bring out the monster inside of you that you can unleash on the track or onto your squat rack. Kanye likes to talk about “Dragon Energy.” Charlie Sheen would ramble about “Tiger blood.” #Winning! The many mediocre critics out there love to poke fun at these sayings, but what have they accomplished? There really is something to these slogans. It is always easy to criticize but when it gets results, then the critics are just whiny spectators. So, stop judging and criticizing so that you can take action to better your life. A rising tide raises all ships so we should be positive and encouraging other to do the same. Critics see others success as a reflection of their own shortcomings. That is why they want to tear you down. Ignore them. Focus on those that are positive and living out intentional lives.


Find your inner beast and change your life. What gets your blood pumping? What is your mantra? Share it with me in the comments below or tweet at me. People like to talk about building a personal brand, and all personal brands need a slogan. Your mantra is the slogan of your personal brand.

Conquer Your Life Like a Viking!