How Meditation Has Transformed My Life

Our lives have gotten so fast paced it is becoming more difficult to enjoy the quiet moments. Those quiet moments are becoming fewer and far between too. We have to retrain our minds to remember how to appreciate boredom and peace. That is why I like to start off my day with a short meditation practice.

By doing this, it helps me remember to stay still once in a while and to be present in the moment.  Yesterday I was on the phone working on getting my old house sold. I got stuck with it after a buyer walked away from the deal for no apparent reason. This has taken up a great deal of mental energy. As I looked out into the serenity that is my front yard, I saw a lone deer casually walking by. Life has so many beautiful moments such as this and they serve as helpful reminders to keep our heads up so we don’t miss the point of our journey. And that is, to experience it. To enjoy the time we spend with friends and family. To calm our minds and seek a few moments of peace. If only mankind could learn to stare at the stars once in a while or sit quietly and meditate, then we would realize there are far more important things than what we constantly worry about.

If you want to change your world, put down the phone for at least five minutes a day and meditate. Everyone has a different practice and they all have their own merits. I like to sit staring out into nature with my eyes closed and just focus on my breathing. Even though my eyes are closed, the energy of staring into a calm river and a plethora of trees is more powerful and transformative than staring into a white wall. The beauty of the gods is unmatched by any of man’s creation. I’ll constantly have thoughts enter my mind and you will too. It is only human. I accept that thought is there and let it pass. Although, on occasion these thoughts are worth pondering. A lot of my writing ideas come to me when I am in meditation. We spend so much time talking or listening to the noise, that we often forget to listen to the silence. That is when the universe speaks to us. After I accept the thought, or maybe ponder it, I get my focus back on my breathing. I usually use an app called Insight Timer that will track your meditation stats and obviously functions as a timer.


Meditation is all about changing your mindset. It is like going to the gym to work on your mental fortitude. And like going to the gym, it can be difficult to get started. That is why I encourage anyone new to the practice to simply meditate for one minute. After that becomes normal, go to two minutes and keep working your way up. At some amount of time, you will find what works best for you. Since meditating I have found that I am calmer and more conscious in my daily life. It helped train my mind to focus on everything I am experiencing. I notice the clouds in the sky, the temperature, the way a tree has grown. The beautiful sounds of birds flying nearby. Life is beautiful and if you get your nose out of your phone, the wonders of nature are all around us. It is in these calming moments that true serenity can be achieved.


Life is all about seeking truth. Spending time with the ones we love. Getting outside and connecting with nature. Everything else is noise.

Be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. Our fast-paced lifestyle and ever-present phones have made it so difficult for us to slow down and to be present.

We are becoming addicted to distraction. Boredom is going extinct, and the problem is that many people likely see this as progress. Our mind needs boredom. We need to slow down and take a breath. It helps us reflect on our subconscious thoughts. We get too fixated on drama and little problems that likely won’t be an issue a week, a month or a year from. If you want to know peace, learn to focus on what problems you can change, and to ignore those that are out of your control.

If you are reading this, then you are alive and being alive is such a miraculous gift that we take for granted. Every day brings its own little wonders and beautiful moments or transformative experiences. How many moments of beauty are you missing every day because you are fixated on some perceived slight or temporary inconvenience? Every day when I come home there is this magnificent tree that has bright pink flowers. It isn’t in bloom year round so it feels extra special while it still bears its flowers. This is just one of many amazing moments that I would have been oblivious or apathetic to when I was younger. What meditation teaches you, is how to be more mindful of these fleeting moments and to appreciate their beauty.

Don’t forget to slow down and appreciate the wonder that this life really is.



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