The Vesica Piscis


The vesica piscis is the womb of the universe and out of it everything that exists today owes its lineage to this simple image. This is the root of sacred geometry.  



This symbol is found everywhere in your daily life. The Jesus Fish is part of a Vesica Piscis, which is Latin for bladders of the fish. If you view the Washington Monument from the sky, you can see it on the ground with the obelisk at the center. Even in brand names like Mastercard, DC Skate, Gucci and Audi. Perhaps most intriguing, it has been found in crop circles. It can even be found in the Norse Triquetra, a word meaning triangular in Latin. The triquetra is three vesica piscis interlocking as opposed to two. Though today, it is often called a trinity knot or Irish love knot. Believed to be of Indian origins, the symbol has been coopted by the modern church as a symbol of their own trinity. It was a symbol that was commonly found among Vikings and to this day is often used in the modern-day revival of Asatru or Norse Heathenism.  


The trifold overlap of these vesica piscis refers to three births. Today we worship technology, but people used to worship nature. Norse Pagans saw the hands of the gods in all natural things. This number 3 could be meant to represent a number of different ideas. A people who worshiped nature could have used it to symbolize the sky, sea and land. The modern Wiccans see it as the Triple Goddess: The Mother, Maiden and Crone.  These symbolize the three stages of the female life cycle and the phases of the Moon. The Greek Moon goddesses Artemis, Selene and Hecate also represent these three stages of youth, ripeness, and wisdom. As the vesica piscis is meant to represent the birth of the Universe and everything there is, this idea that it represents the female life cycles bears merit. It clearly has a link to nature and life which are at the core of Norse Pagan beliefs.

If you read the book “The Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek, he describes the Flower of Life which is made up of multiple vesica piscis. We will save this symbol for another day, but the point is that it is created from the vesica piscis. Our third eye, which is also called the pineal gland is in a shape that resembles a vesica piscis. Through this eye, we see when we quiet our mind and meditate. This third eye creates a new world for us to see and allows the universe to speak to us. It is a magical symbol that is found commonly in life and nature.

We like to think of ourselves as being the most advanced stage of humanity in the time of this planet. Though as you begin to look back through history, there is ancient knowledge that seems to elude most of us. We are a species with amnesia and if one spends enough time studying the ancient pyramids and other sites such as Gobekli Tepi, a bigger picture begins to emerge. Whenever a new ruler comes in to power, they like to strike down the culture of the old ruler and often wipe out religion or monuments. In these short-sighted acts of the ego, we wipe out ancient wisdom. I sense a great awakening taking place now. There are members of humanity who are beginning to open their minds and seek ancient wisdom and reconnecting with nature. I envision a world where mankind is at harmony with nature. Through the duality of humanity and nature, there is a harmony that can create a beautiful world if we are willing to live a balanced life. Our ancestors lived a balanced life and revered nature. I and many like me are striving to bring the beauty of old world into this time and I see a brighter future if more people will see the world in this light. If only we can shed our shackles of debt and materialism and live a life of higher purpose and balance. We need to focus on spiritual growth and respect for nature.

Look around in your daily life. In logos and symbols. This image of two overlapping circles, the vesica piscis, can be found all over the modern world.