Do You Know Who Are You?

Who are you? Do you define yourself by job title? You’re an office monkey, you’re a marine, you’re a salesperson. You’re a gym rat. You’re black, you’re white, you’re Hispanic. Everybody wants to put you in their own little box. But that’s not who you are and you know it. You are what you love. It’s what we do that defines us. And what we love is where we spend our passion and energy. Never let society dictate who you are. They want to claim that you fit into a neat little box because it’s easier for them. But you’re better than that. You are awesome. You know that you are extraordinary. Better than ordinary.

This world likes to beat you down to make you feel insignificant. Because it makes you more malleable and it makes you a better consumer. It makes you a better employee and they want you to sit in your office, wasting your time getting fat, getting unhappy and being unfulfilled. This system doesn’t want you to live out your dream. It wants you to go home exhausted: mentally exhausted, physically exhausted. Out of shape. Overfed and undernourished. It wants you to waste your life and to waste your time watching sports. Watching sitcoms and watching movies. Getting outraged at the news and pop politics so you are fixated on non-issues instead of your own self-improvement. Anything that can convince you that your life is not good enough and that you need more. You need better, bigger and faster. But the truth is you can’t buy it. They want you to think you can buy it. They just want you to buy whatever the advertisers are selling. Diet pills, meal plans, a new gym membership that comes with free pizza. Marketers aren’t selling products but ideas and feelings. They sell fake happiness.

We are a society that pushes addictions on addictive people and then we try to profit off these addictions. This is what we value. We value capitalism and if we don’t value capitalism, they call you a commie, a socialist yet most of these people don’t even know what these words mean. Because in the last 25 to 30 years, it really hasn’t been a part of our lives. We know about it, we hear about it and we pretend like we study it, but we don’t pay attention. It exists overseas but we are too wrapped up in our own world to understand it.  Wrapped up in media. Consuming the new music video. Can you tell I’m old? Does anyone even watch music videos anymore? This is America. We consume TV shows, sports, YouTube videos. Junk entertainment make for a society with junk values. The people who design these things know how addicted you are. That is why just went to the endless scroll like Facebook and Instagram. The endless scrolling social media is the crack cocaine of our time.

"A man who procrastinates in his choosing will have his choice made for him by circumstance." - Hunter S. Thompson.

How many friends do you have that could tell you the starting lineup for their favorite baseball team or the exact stats of each player, yet they don’t know what they want out of life? They are just coasting through life trying to get through each day. Like a plastic bag adrift at sea. The average person has no clue what they want out of life, and then they act surprised when they end up unfulfilled with their life. They are more concerned with sitting on a couch, consuming junk food and junk entertainment, poisoning their bodies with drugs and alcohol while watching other people exercise. Is this what we want to be? Is this the life we envisioned for ourselves? What you do defines you. Be mindful of what you do. What you do becomes who you are. And once you’ve become something for long enough, you get stuck in your ways. It then becomes very difficult to break free and to start new.

Make the changes now before it is too late and you become apathetic and bitter. There are a lot of jaded old people out there who never could look past their old grievances or shortcomings. They talk about the glory days of years past or about some perceived sleight that is holding them back from greatness. These lies are how they rationalize a mediocre existence. You don’t live in the past. You live in the present. So, whatever went wrong is done and there is nothing that can be done to change it. Why worry about it? Focus on the moment and making your life better from this point on. Turn off the news and go outside. The world isn’t falling apart. Stop arguing about politics and letting Trump control your mood. You can control your reactions and if the news or sports make you upset to the point that you struggle to function in your daily life or to be happy, then let it go. Let go of what no longer serves you and focus on shaping the life you want.

Focus on your own self-improvement. Invest in yourself by learning new skills or gaining knowledge. Never be afraid to put yourself out there. We waste so much time scrolling through social media on our phones or watching sports and then watching people talk about sports. Then we complain that we don’t have enough time to pursue our dreams. How we spend our time shows what we truly value. If you were diagnosed with cancer and were going to die in a year, how would you live? Why aren’t you living that way now? What impact were you born to leave on this world and what is stopping you from fulfilling your destiny? Quit living out your life watching other people on social media or playing mindless video games every night. If you want to get in shape, change your habits and your diet. If you want a job promotion, stop pretending to work and actually get results at work. Most importantly, stop lying to yourself and have some accountability. You are holding yourself back from becoming who you were meant to be.