Capitalism is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy

We have engineered a society that runs on capitalism
which produces advertisements to sell junk to people who can’t afford it,
made from resources that are rapidly dwindling away
and polluting our beautiful world.

Our overconsumption and overindulgence produces a society

That is overmedicated, anxious and depressed.

We live in fear from fake news from a dying mainstream media

We drink water poisoned with lead and food polluted with plastic and additives

Spending most of our days stuck staring at screens

Then we appear to be stumped when someone finally loses it and shoots up a bunch of people.



You want to know what terrifies me? There is a massive amount of the American public who wake up in the same IKEA bed, put on the same outfit from H&M, drive in the same type of car to get the same coffee from Starbucks and sit in a little cubicle that looks just like all the others. They listen to the same music on the top 40 radio station and go home to watch the same television shows or watch the same news broadcasts in houses that look just like the house next door. Except we can’t even be bothered to pay attention to any of these things because we are always 5 seconds of boredom away from picking up our phones. It’s like we are living in this Truman Show fantasy.

This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

Is it any wonder that 55% of Americans are taking prescription drugs? That’s just for legal drugs. If you add in all the people who are numbing their lives with some type of illegal drug or drinking alcohol, you have a society that is almost entirely medicating themselves in some fashion. Life for many people is a constant search for escapism from their unfulfilling lives.

Our perception of everyone’s perceived interests coincide with our insatiable egos and desperation for validation. This has produced the most monotonous and boring lives imaginable. Did you know that the most popular car colors today are grey, white, black and silver?  These account for 70% of the world car collection. Yet if you were to take a survey of everyone’s favorite colors, most of the answers are blue, green, or purple. Most people pick their car color based off resale value. So, they spend a third of their paycheck buying a car with a color that someone else will like in the event that they have to trade it in, yet no one even likes this color. Everyone is simply trying to please other people so that they can get an extra 3% when they trade it in. What is the point of spending all that time driving a car that someone else might want someday? Look up your kid’s or your garage in GTA 5 and you’ll see imagination and creative expression galore. Bright colored cars with big accessories and fun paint styles. Our need to please others stifles our own creativity leading to a world that is 70% on greyscale.  

Adam Smith talked about the “Invisible hand” that distributes the economically perfect number of products throughout a capitalistic society. Today, we have an invisible hand that convinces us of what color car we want. What choices are left for us to make? We are all guided by this invisible hand that makes us wear our hair in a presentable manner, and dress in a certain fashion. You can’t be a part of our normal system if you have a mohawk and like to wear a neon green suit. No, that uniform goes in the pimp box or maybe the entertainer box. You drive a white car, wear a grey suit and work 9 to 5. But you can choose whatever else you want, out of these preselected choices. Democrat or Republican, iPhone or Samsung, Ford or Chevy, but at the end of the day, is there a choice? The two political candidates are protecting corporations that fund their campaign, the phone companies each offer nearly identical devices and Ford and Chevy each give comparable products as well. Yet the average person loves to battle along these divisive lines; just look at Ford vs Chevy jokes, T-shirts and other merchandise. Divisiveness is profitable. So many of us are adhering to this invisible hand we don't realize that we are self-enforcing our own behaviors. If you start spouting off online about too many uncomfortable truths, well it’s bad for business or your friends will get tired of your crackpot conspiracy theories. Never mind that yesterday’s conspiracy theory is today’s news. But its OK that Facebook is tracking your online habits and the government spent $1.5 billion on an NSA data center to store exabytes of data on you. We need the government to protect us from the scary terrorists. Heaven forbid the FBI didn’t stop the terrorist plot that was largely of their own construction, thus ensuring they get the same budget as last year. See even the FBI is a product of capitalism. Their product is terror, and if they can’t convince the public that they should be terrified, even they can go out of business. Don’t worry about the money spent combating terrorism though. It’s not like this country has failing water pipes and critical infrastructure issues.

I’m sure I am just reading too far into these things and everything will be just fine. America definitely won’t follow China’s play and implement some form of social ranking system to ensure proper behavior. Everything will turn out fine, as long as we act like good little citizens who stay within expected behaviors and continue to be good little consumers who worship at the alters of capitalism. Hail Bezos, hallowed is thy marketplace. We once worshiped nature. We revered the animals and plants that sustain our life. Technology is our new god. We are losing touch with the old ways and are more disconnected than ever. For the first time in the history of mankind, more people are living in cities than in rural communities. Wherever we are heading in our society, it is completely unprecedented.