We Need to Reconnect with Nature

Many of us live our lives surrounded in a concrete jungle. How many of us can really even see much green in or from our living spaces? While some of us are fortunate enough to be out in the wilderness just by stepping out the back door, others must go find a park. So how can we find more ways to add more nature back into our daily lives?


Get a Plant or Two

Whether you put this in your home or your office or both, the benefits of having a plant around you are numerous. According to this study, nature contact in a workplace can help reduce stress and help you maintain your health. This makes sense since plants are nature’s filters and help clean the air. They also help you maintain your green lifestyle. They can serve as a talking point for environmentalism or just the love of nature.

Plant a Tree

Is there anything more beautiful than watching something grow? Taking a tiny little seed and planting it in the Earth’s soil, it one day will grow into a giant tree. It likely will live on longer than you and who doesn’t want to leave their mark on this world. That tree can become a home for birds, or a shady spot for kids to read a book. Our lifestyles take a heavy toll on this planet and our over-consumption is destructive to our environment. By planting trees, we can help counter our destructive habits. Plant it near your home and the shade can even save you money by lowering your heating bill. I watched an entire generation sit by and pray to the gods of technology to save our planet from climate change. How about a new god for our new generation? Nature used to be worshiped in the days of old by nearly every civilization. Capitalism has convinced us that technology can save us from everything. Seeking balance is not economically attractive. Our economy and ecology are on a head on collision.

Grow a Garden

Nothing tastes better than the fruits of your labor. I’m proud of that line. Seriously though, start a garden. It is surprisingly easy and so gratifying. It is OK if you don’t have 10 acres to sustain yourself completely. When I lived in an apartment with no yard, I grew basil in a potted plant on my deck. It wasn’t much and it may have died after being gone for a business trip, but it was a fun experience. I found better success with potted jalapenos in my next place. Tomatoes do well too. It takes a little time, but it’s a good excuse to get outside. With the additives and chemicals used to preserve food, gardening is a much healthier way to get the food our bodies need. Plus, gardening has been found to be a stress reliever.

Visit the Local Park

Many of us spend most of the daylight hours in our little cubicles under unnatural fluorescent lighting. As the weekend shows up, how do we spend our time? Many of us spend more hours indoors staring at another screen. Staring at a screen too close and too long can cause Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which can cause blurred vision, double vision and headaches. Get outside and enjoy where your local tax dollars have gone. The benefits of being outside are enormous. The lack of artificial stimulation helps calm your mind and lowers stress. After all the noise of urban environments and work, its calming to seek natural peace and quiet. Natural sunlight is even known to help reduce depression and anxiety levels. The sun provides you with vitamin D which can help you sleep better further improving your wellness.

Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Skip the gym occasionally and get in your daily 60 minutes of exercise outside. It will be a good change up for muscles that may be getting used to your typical workout. Even if it means braving the elements, this can be a more enjoyable workout. By finding a more enjoyable way to exercise, the average person will spend more time doing it, thus increasing all the benefits. These benefits are aesthetic such as weight loss, but also health oriented like lowering risk for diabetes, heart disease and back pain. And you may even be encouraging others to get outside and exercise which is always a good feeling.

The world doesn’t need another shopping mall or fast food joint. What the world needs is more life. More nature. A better connection between humanity and nature, because nature is our original natural habitat. Here, you can do your part without even getting off your phone. Plant a Billion allows you to pick a region where your money can go to make a difference in making our world more beautiful. Every second our planet loses one and a half acres of forest. Up to 28,000 species are expected to become extinct by the next quarter of the century due to deforestation. It is not a lost cause yet. You can make a difference.