Happy Thor's Day!

Did you know that Thursday was originally named Thor’s Day? Sounds made up but it is true.

I always try and hit the gym on Thor’s Day as that feels appropriate to me. I can’t summon lighting or smash frost giants, but I can be motivated by Chris Hemsworth to look my best. And to act my best too. The actor, not the real Thor, was playing jump rope with his daughter yesterday and it might be the cutest thing I have seen online all year. The internet could sure use more kindness and positivity like Thor’s day at the beach.

Back to the topic at hand, when I look for inspiration to go work out, the obvious choice is the mythical demi God from 1000 years ago who cross-dressed to get his hammer back. Why would there be anyone else? The God of Thunder is unyielding and bullheaded. He doesn’t ever question whether he is capable but always sets forth with all his might to accomplish what lay before him, even if it involves dressing up as a wedding bride. It is this inspiration that motivates me on Thursdays to hit the gym and to give it my best workout. Lately, “the gym” has become my home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build muscle or lose weight. So often people expect the only way to gain strength or lose weight to be through a membership to a gym by using weights or machines. While these are great tools, they aren’t the only tools available. Many of us likely have chores to accomplish at our house that may be more productive than pumping iron at a gym. An organic workout, if you will. I recently had a felled tree that was in the way and went out to cut it up. Instead of cutting through it with a chainsaw, I went back to the ways of old, and sawed through it by hand. Then I lifted and moved the logs several yards to be split into firewood on another day, or organic workout. Alright, let’s dissect this for a minute. I basically did rows, dead lift and bicep curls. A pretty full body workout and I didn’t even leave the house.


I realize not everyone lives in the woods, but the idea remains the same. Maybe you or a neighbor have some furniture or other items that need to be moved. Whenever a friend of mine asks to move, I’m over there without asking for anything in return, because this saves me a trip to the gym and provides me with an excuse to hang out with good people. Plus, if you have good friends, you’ll likely get pizza and or beer later as payment. Find me a gym that gives you free beer afterwards and you will have this heathen’s attention. Another good option is to go for a walk or run in your neighborhood. I have never really understood the appeal of treadmills aside from getting out of the elements if it is cold or rainy. Running in place while watching a TV is not my idea of enjoyment, and I do try to enjoy my exercise. When you run around your neighborhood, you get to enjoy nature, possibly meet your neighbors, and maybe inspire others to get outside and be active.

In the days of modern conveniences, and fancy exercise machines, sometimes we forget where we came from. The ways of the old need not be forgotten. I say it is time we get back to our roots and make the most of ourselves. Become who you were meant to be and make your ancestors proud. The next time you don’t have time to get dressed and drive to the gym, see if you can get an organic workout in around the house and knock out a workout worthy of Thor!