Enjoy The Moment

Our lives have gotten so fast paced it is becoming more difficult to enjoy the quiet moments. Those quiet moments are becoming fewer and far between too. We need to relearn how to slow down and just take in the moment. To take the time and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us that is so often taken for granted. To enjoy the time we spend with friends and family. To calm our minds and seek a few moments of peace.


It’s not exactly warm here yet but Spring is right around the corner and spending tome outside is so much more enjoyable now. Yesterday I took advantage of this by getting some yard work done. Some may see this as a chore that needs to be done but I found ways to enjoy it. I listened to the birds chirping around me, I breathed in fresh air, I noticed the warm rays of sun kissing my skin. Now I love going to the gym, but it’s a lot more gratifying to get a workout while doing some work around the house, like clearing and chopping up downed trees. Best reward for this is the bonfire you can have afterwards.


Bonfires are special. I’ve always found fire to be mesmerizing and I know I’m not alone with that thought. It’s peaceful and I seem to reach a sort of meditative state when sitting around a fire. It’s one of those times where you can just let go of thoughts in your head and just take in the natural wonder of a dancing fire. In group settings, a bonfire is one of those rare moments where people can usually refrain from reaching for their phones. It’s refreshing to just enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the beauty of a good fire. It feels like an ancient link to humanity’s past. Fire was what separated mankind from the animal kingdom and our connection with fire remains in our hearts. Bon is French for good after all.


Our fast-paced lifestyle and ever-present phones have made it so difficult for us to slow down and to be present. If you want to change your world, put down the phone for at least five minutes a day and meditate. It’s a great way to compose yourself for the day and let go of your stresses. Meditation is showing me how little I need to be content. Life is about seeking truth. Spending time with the ones we love. Getting outside and connecting with nature. Everything else is noise.

Be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now.