What is the Matrix?

The System

The system exists because of the belief that authority is real. The only rule humanity needs is “DO NOT HARM.” Everything else is superfluous or designed to enslave. This corrals and controls society so that foreign interests and corporate interests can steal labor and resources. This is the purpose of government.

Our bonds are voluntary yet so much more gripping as they are invisible to the un-awakened mind. Television, sports, infotainment, porn, video games are all designed to distract and pacify lest anyone realized how lost our society has become. They distract from spiritualism, fragment the family and discourage those who see through the lies.

Think about your average day. You wake up, probably after hitting snooze a few times. Life is too short for the snooze button by the way. Wake up with a zest for life and do something you enjoy first thing in the morning. It will encourage you to get out of bed faster. Then you rush through breakfast and get some caffeine somewhere. You fight traffic to get to work where you probably spend half your day reading some fool’s blog or online shopping. You rush home, fighting traffic again, so that you can watch some more Netflix. We sure love our screens, or black mirrors as some call them. We eat a big dinner and self-medicate with alcohol or nicotine to numb ourselves because how else can we get through the grind? We watch the news which is just divisive and negative. And yet, none of this even gets our attention because we are constantly staring at our phones throughout the day. How could we not since the notifications and messages constantly remind us that we might miss something important, though it rarely ever is worth our time.

How much time do you take for self-reflection? Do you meditate on the day or what is happening in our society? Do you open up to anyone about what you are really feeling or do you simply regurgitate what you heard elsewhere? Some days I feel like we are speaking only in memes and emojis. Do you fear the judgment of your friends and family? If you seek the approval of others, you will always be a slave. That is how the matrix traps you.

The system is fiction. By attacking it, you give it meaning. Know yourself and leave the matrix. Simply be yourself. Start a garden so you can eat fresh food, even if it is only supplemental to your groceries. What we think and what we eat combined together make us what we are physically and mentally. Don’t let yourself get into debt. This one is huge and will get its own separate post later. Fix broken items before immediately buying something new. Help your community. Buy local or second hand.  Be nice to one another. It sounds so cliché but that is because it works, but only if we put in the effort. Life is amazing, but we all have our struggles. You never know what someone is going through and that one nice comment or smile might mean the world to that person, and it takes so little effort on your part.

If we start to be mindful and take care of one another the corporate fiction will cease to exist.


Be The Light

People have forgotten they are flesh.

You are not your name.

You are not your profession.

You are a living spirit.


This system keeps people running on the treadmill so fast for paper and social status that we never experience who we are. Slow down. Turn off the noise. Be present. Self-reflect. Explore. Create. Be yourself.

The best way for you to change the world is to change yourself. Change the way you view reality. Change the way you view your fellow human beings. Lead by example.

Be a shining light in your community and encourage others to do the same.

Live light, travel light, spread the light, be the light