Quest for Knowledge

Quest for Knowledge

This fear of not having enough status drives us to compete with one another, putting us in a state of not love. Love conquers all.

Don’t lock yourself into a belief system. Keep yourself open minded. If we can learn to respect each other and respect other peoples ideas and opinions, then we actually might get somewhere as a society. There is a lot of tribalism going on and this division is not constructive. Too many are comfortable in their own little echo chamber. We should challenge ourselves to expand our minds and entertain radical thoughts. Most self proclaimed travelers won't go anywhere that doesn't have an airport. These are the same people who claim to be worldly but they fear getting away from modern day conveniences.

This is a time of enormous opportunity for the human race. A time where we may gain the freedom we have always wanted.

Life is a test of what emotional state we set ourselves in. It is a test of what we do. A quest for knowledge. Knowledge of the world we live in. More importantly, knowledge of one’s self. Know thyself. There is only one self and figuring that out brings great change. Sometimes this means stepping out of our bubble and trying something new. This year I tried meditation and I can not recommend this enough. Its benefits are numerous. Meditation has allowed me to reach a higher consciousness and a more mindful lifestyle.

We don’t have to change the system. The system will change around us, if we change our attitude and change our perspective. It will be an organic shift. We don’t need to build a new society. We change our perspective of who and what we are and how we deal with the people around us. We can’t change the world, but we can change ourselves and our perceptions. By changing this, we change our world.



Don’t be afraid to be one’s self.

Seeking knowledge can be dangerous. Most people go through life dependent on the Matrix. They go to school, go to work, pay taxes, and accumulate stuff and sit back in retirement where they can enjoy the stuff that they’ve accumulated and they wonder what was the point of all of it?

Others are on a quest for knowledge. A quest to see how they can harness their creative potential and share it with the world. An exploration of the inner-self leads to a greater understanding of one’s connection to the universe.

It is imperative to keep in mind that all informational knowledge is the product of man. And most of man’s thoughts are influenced or borrowed from another man. This derivative of knowledge can obscure the true belief system that is being shared.

Everything we consume: read, see, hear has an effect on our subconscious.



Like TV and sports, false conspiracies are mixed in with the truth to distract us and to muddy the waters. It taints the name conspiracy. I see so many who mention George Orwell's famous book, 1984, where the information is controlled by the government. Aldous Huxley was probably more prophetic in Brave New World where the information would be as free as it is numerous, and that most people will be too inundated with inane babble about celebrities or faux controversies to even consider the real problems we face.

Many of these false beliefs don’t require our participation. Reality does require our participation. YOU EXIST FOR A REASON

You must find your true path.