Ideal Life

I envision a life away from consumerism. I want to wake up in the woods with a view of unaltered nature. A good woman is lying next to me. The kids are playing outside more and spending less time in front of screens. We go outside and drink coffee as the sun rises. Birds chirping replace the tweets of our cell phones. I own more boots and less oxfords. My dog runs outside unchained. Trees are plentiful and there is shade for when the sun is too much.

I spend the days hiking, kayaking, shooting guns. I journal to get the weight off my shoulders. We spend our leisure time with books instead of reruns. There are no commercials talking about our inadequacies. We have a garden. We eat natural food grown in our yard. Chickens run free and provide fresh eggs. We sit on the deck and watch the sunset.

The entire family sits down together for dinner. We listen to each other; not the news. We share a bottle of wine as the sun goes down. We go for walks or watch a movie.

Our lives are quiet and connected to nature. We enjoy technology but are not dependent. Advertisers are muted to our ears and eyes. We aren’t indoctrinated by church, but we have a greater spiritual path of our own choosing.

We are at peace